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“I was listening to a film reviewer on the radio recently and on lamenting the state of what’s around on our screens they pleaded in desperation “show me something new!”Well here it is. We love this film...lean, stark, packed with great and low key performances and dripping with great and authentic 50s rock sounds, Violent Days harks back to the loose stylings of the 60s French New Wave with the added punch of today’s underground youth movements.
Very, very atmospheric and with a real honest edge that most low-budget films find difficult to find, Violent Days is a real rough and rare gem - just the way we like them”
Australian Premiere

Violent Days is shot in black and white, and Lunn’s suicide-blonde hair and pale dress give her an ethereal quality—contrasted with the dark sunglasses and leather jackets of her boyfriend and his mates, she seems to radiate light. Chaufour’s vérité style and empathy for the subject make for a dignified, artful rendering of this explosive scene.”
Brisbane IFF

“Tense, poetic and gorgeously shot in black and white, verité style, Violent Days feels intriguingly out of time, displaying a number of generation crossing influences, referencing Godard’s notion of cool, Lindsay Anderson’s astute observations, and at other points bringing to mind American pioneers Cassavetes, Clarke and Jarmusch.”
The Times London Film festival BFI

“The result is a film in which the bluntness of the depiction harmonizes perfectly with these underprivileged youths violence as everyday pastime. And last but not least: emerging from this gloomy, melancholy, old-fashioned atmosphere is the beautiful, tragic portrait of a woman, played by Serena Lunn”
Berlin Film Festival

Violent Days, a seemingly rambling but ultimately pointed French indieindie,
Chaufour’s skill is in maintaining a potentially explosive atmosphere in which anything could happen at anytime”

“The movie is good for a number of reasons. It does a great job of capturing what most underground music scenes are like. The feeling of being ‘in the club’ and so on. The best part of the film though is the performance by Serena Lunn.”
Rockin’ Tim’s House o’ Culture

You can download a pdf version of the complete French reviews here.