credits & technical details

You can download the full credits (pdf) here.

A film by Lucile Chaufour
104’ (short version: 80’) - 35 mm – 1.66 - black & white – 25 f/s – dolby SRD

With Frédéric Beltran, Franck Musard, François Mayet, Serena Lunn
and the groups Flying Saucers, Bad Crows, Hillbilly Cats.

Script & Direction: Lucile Chaufour
Cinematography: Bertrand Mouly, Dominique Texier, Nicolas Eprendre
Camera operators: Christophe Neuville, Arnaud Leguy
Sound: Xavier Pierouel, Raoul Fruhauf
Sound mixing: Daniel Sobrino
Editing: Élisabeth Juste, Albane Penaranda, Sophie Bousquet
Sound editing: Pascal Ribier
Titles & effects: Ronan Jupin
Original music: Lucile Chaufour, Thomas Couzinier
Production: Supersonicglide

With the participation of le Centre national de la cinématographie, le Conseil général d’Île-de-France and le Conseil général du Val-de-Marne.

Addtional music:
Guitar rock (Bill Flagg), The girl can't dance (Bunker Hill), Rockin in the nursery (Sally Star), Mercy (Ray King), My babe (Willie Dixon), Rock around the town (Dean Beard), Come on little mama (Ray Harris/W.Cogswell), I need a man (Barbara Pittman), We wanna boogie (Sonny Burgess), Cotton pickers (Watts/Richardson), Gotta gimme wha't cha got (Julia Lee), She's my baby (Billy Lee Riley), Little red riding hood (Bunker Hill), I can't be satisfied (Muddy Waters), Crawdad Hole (Jack Earls), White cat lady (Bad Crows), Big Black Bike (Bad Crows), The road is so long (Bad Crows), Matchbox (Carl Perkins), Move my way (Hillbilly Cats), Summertime blues (J.Capeheart/Eddy Cochran), I think of you (Hillbilly Cats), Rockin in the Coconut Top (Hop Wilson), Jig-Ga-Lee-Ga (Rudy P. Grayzell), Give a little lovin' (Flying'Saucers), Bertha Lou (Marascalco), Old Black Joe (Traditionnel), Who slapped John (Gene Vincent/Tex Davis), Love's to blame (Flying'Saucers), Bop-a-lena (M. Tillis), Peggy Sue (J.Allison/Buddy Holly/N.Petty), I can't give you... (Mc Hugh / Field), Rollin' and Ridin' (Daligaux/Beudin/Noël/Grandin), Ghost train (Revelle/Libby/Jones), Injustices (C. Clauet).